Our Story

We moved to Los Angeles from New York City in 2009 with our Jack Russell terrier, Brecken. As a 7-month-old puppy, Brecken was true to his breed: high-energy, smart and devious (chewed coffee table legs, unraveled rugs, and shredded doggy toys). Of course this meant that our first order of business was to find a dog daycare to keep him happy, safe and busy while we were working. We toured a number of facilities, but left disappointed, unable to find the right one. So, we decided to create a daycare that Brecken and his dog pals would love.

We had four main criteria for our daycare. The first was to design a daily schedule that not only allowed dogs to exercise and play, but to get the rest they needed. Secondly, we wanted to ensure our dogs had their own private space for sleeping and eating. Thirdly, we were concerned that some cage-free overnight facilities were prone to overcrowding, so we wanted more space with fewer dogs. Lastly, we wanted to offer sports and activities to keep dogs (and us!) mentally and physically fit.

In the end, we accomplished all of those things and more. Pet owners come into Fitdog all of the time and say, “You must think I’m crazy because I love my dog so much.” We respond: “Not hardly. We love our dog so much, we built a daycare for him.”



Brecken, at 7 months old, was our inspiration for the Fitdog logo and brand.

Our Company

Fitdog Club Daycare

We opened the Club in November 2010 with a set of beliefs and core values that continue to be the foundation for our entire company.

Our Core Values

We are open and honest.
We put the needs of the dogs first.
We advocate for your dog.
We stay ahead of the trends.
We have fun.

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Sports Classes

We introduced hikes and beach days in 2012 after noticing that some of our Club dogs needed more mental stimulation than could be offered in a daycare setting. After going on a few hikes, these same dogs were transformed, not just in daycare, but at home too.

In 2015, we decided to expand our sports and offer classes throughout Los Angeles so that all dogs could benefit from having a diverse mix of activities during the week.

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We created our training programs for success. They are designed to focus on the whole dog, not a problem in isolation.

For example, our obedience program doesn’t just focus on teaching commands like sit or stay; it teaches and reinforces a system of boundaries and rules so dogs have clear, consistent expectations so they can thrive. The end result is a confident, well adjusted dog.

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