Board & Train Programs

Think of board and train like foreign language immersion but for dog training. Your dog stays with the trainer for the duration of the training to zero in on obedience training or behavioral concerns. The benefit is that dogs receive consistent training and feedback 24/7. The trainer uses positive reinforcement and exercise-based techniques. Dogs also hike daily with a well behaved pack and are trained in and around the city.

Basic Obedience

Trainer: Jeff Soto
Pricing varies | 2 consecutive weeks

Set the foundation for your dog’s training with our basic obedience program. The trainer will not only teach basic commands such as sit, stay, leave-it, down, off, and come, but set important boundaries and rules. Perfect for new doggy parents.

Advanced Obedience

Trainer: Jeff Soto
Pricing varies | 2 to 3 consecutive weeks

Maybe you have already been through a basic obedience program but need to strengthen some areas or improve your dog’s responsiveness. The trainer will focus in on obedience issues by introducing boundaries and providing consistency.

Behavioral Training

Trainer: Jeff Soto
Pricing varies | 2 to 4 consecutive weeks

Have a dog that has impulse control issues or separation anxiety? The board and train format is highly effective for addressing behavioral issues. The trainer will work intimately with your dog to uncover the source of the issues and then explore different techniques in how to unwind behavioral traits.

Training Program Packages

Obedience Training

Trainer: Jeff Soto
$1,250 | 10 days + 2 at-home sessions

Offered over 10 consecutive work days where the trainer focuses on basic or advance obedience or can concentrate on a single behavioral issue such as jumping or pulling on leash. Dogs train 3 to 5 hours during the day but are able to spend the night with you.

Loose Leash Walking

Trainer: Rhonda Feinberg
Fridays 11am – 3pm
$399 | 4 sessions

Focuses on improving on-leash walking skills. The trainer uses positive reinforcement and works with dogs in different locations with a variety of distractions. The first 3 sessions includes one-on-one training with your dog. For the final session, the trainer works with both you and your dog.

Canine Good Citizen

Trainer: Rhonda Feinberg
Fridays 11am – 3pm
$499 | 4 sessions

The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program provides a training foundation and results in a well mannered dog (and educated owner!). The program covers the 10 skills required to pass the AKC CGC certification test. CGC certification is frequently required as prerequisite to becoming a therapy dog.

Interested? Set up a consultation with one of our amazing trainers. Consultations with Jeff are 1-hour and cost $150. If you choose to move forward with the program, the fee goes towards the cost of the training. Consultations with Rhonda are complimentary and offered on Fridays by appointment at the Fitdog Club. Contract us at (310) 828-3647 or send us a request.

Our Amazing Trainers

debbie website pic


Debbie Pinthus

Debbie has been training and competing in agility for over 15 years. During that time, she has achieved Championship and Masters titles on her own dogs, as well as titles on friend’s and client’s dogs. She has also trained and titled dogs in obedience, rally, and sheep herding.

Debbie is a graduate of Triple Crown Academy and the International School For Dog Trainers, a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, and a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College.

rhonda website pic

Rhonda Feinberg

With over ten years experience, Rhonda encourages reward based, positive reinforcement, clicker dog friendly methods specializing in behavioral and obedience issues.

Rhonda is a certified dog trainer by the Certification Council of Professional Trainers (CCPDT) and has studied and worked with the top world renowned Dog Trainers and Behaviorists such as Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, Patricia McConnell, Karen Prior and Ken Ramirez.

She is also an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers with Certification and is licensed AKC K-9 Good Citizen testing CGC certification.

jeff website pic


Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto has been training, rehabilitating and rescuing dogs over 10 years. He began his journey apprenticing for a renowned celebrity animal trainer and cultivated a passion for training dogs.


Over the years, Jeff has developed and perfected his training techniques and methods for addressing difficult behavioral issues. He uses an individualized and positive approach that produces high success rates.

Jeff also continues to train deaf dogs at the Ace of Hearts rescue group in his free time and is fostering two dogs, Willie, a Great Dane/Shepherd mix and Lucky, a deaf Dogo.


Real clients with positive results

"We approached Jeff at Fitdog to help solve some territorial aggression that our dog, Luna, was displaying in and around our apartment. Even during the initial consultation, it was clear that Jeff knew what he was doing and would be able to help Luna with her issues. After spending two weeks in daily training sessions with Jeff, she has shown incredible marked improvement. I would highly recommend anyone looking to train their dog to Jeff - he has been nothing short of amazing!"

− Bennet S., Fitdog Member

"Jeff is fantastic!! I was initially reluctant to embark on the training process. However, training with Jeff is the best thing I could have done for my dog Herman and for myself. He clearly cares about the dogs and is able to make them the best versions of themselves all the while they are having an amazing time!! Herman is obsessed with Jeff (as are all the dogs who train with him)! Herman continues to go on regular refresher hikes and beach days with Jeff and his dog pals which are phenomenal!!!"

− Rachel L., Fitdog Member

"When I moved to Santa Monica from New York City. . . it was a top priority to figure out the best day time activity for my doggies. . . Felipe and the Fitdog team were more than accommodating in figuring out the best plan for my dogs by incorporating the sports activities into our schedule. Now both my dogs go out on weekly hikes, and they both have such happier bodies and minds! My experience with Fitdog has been beyond positive. . . will hands down recommend them to anyone who has a dog that just needs a little more activity during the week!"

− Callie N., Fitdog Member