Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

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diy dog rope toy

The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider taking your old ratty t-shirts and turning them into a toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking your wallet.

And it turns out that cutting up old shirts is really, really gratifying.


Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY dog rope toy


Yep, that’s it. 2-3 old t-shirts you’re ready to part with and a pair of scissors.

Fabric scissors work best, but your dog is not going to care how cleanly you cut the shirts up.

Step 1: Cut the t-shirts

DIY dog rope toy

Cut your t-shirts into either 9 or 12 strips– enough to braid the toy with 3 or 4 strips in each strand.

Try to keep them narrow enough to knot up at either end of the toy.

Step 2: Braid the strips

dog diy rope toy

Braid the strips together in groups of three or four (depending on how many t-shirts you use) and knot them up at either end.



Et voilà! Your dog has a new toy and you just won the award for best dog parent on the block.


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