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Just Food For Dogs

What I Learned at Doggie Cooking Class

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Last week, I went to a cooking demonstration at Just Food For Dogs in West Hollywood to learn how to whip up a nice dinner for my pup. Along the way, I learned just how gross the kibble industry is, how easy it is to give your dog a truly healthy meal, and how one company is making it their mission to change the way we think about our dog's diets. A little background on the company: Just Food for Dogs was founded in Newport Beach by Shawn Buckley, who was just a regular dude with a dog. Once he found out...

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pop culture blog

Conscious Canine: How pop culture has influenced our understanding of dogs

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For many people who grew up in homes where pets were not allowed, their first interactions with animals may have been through a song, a storybook, or a movie. Perhaps you grew up watching Toto tease the wicked witch and came to think of Yorkshire terriers as quick, witty dogs. Or maybe you learned at a young age how a pack of Dalmatians could outsmart an evil fur mogul, showcasing the loyalty of a dog pack. And if your grandmother was anything like mine, you could sing how much is that doggie in the window? (arf arf) before you could speak full sentences. Whether or not...

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diy dog rope toy

Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

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The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider taking your old ratty t-shirts and turning them into a toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking your wallet. And it turns out that cutting up old shirts is really, really gratifying.   Here's what you'll need:   Yep, that's it. 2-3 old t-shirts you're ready to part with and a pair of scissors. Fabric scissors work best, but your dog is not going to care how cleanly you cut the shirts up. Step 1:...

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Dog vomit header

Fitdog & Vetted Pet Care: Help! My dog is vomiting

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Your dog is the cutest, most loving creature in the world. She can do absolutely no wrong. That's why when she pukes on the bedroom carpet at 3 AM, taking your shoes and duvet down in the fire, you can find all these reasons to forgive her. Pets puke for all kinds of reasons. Something as simple as eating too fast can cause them to vomit. Other times, your dog may have been a little naughty and eaten something they shouldn't have causing their tummy to grow upset and then they throw up. There is also the potential for more serious medical...

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Bernie is a cute poodle mix

Meet Bernie! Our Fitdog of the Month for January

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For January we're honoring Bernie as Fitdog of the Month! Bernie is a fluffball poodle-mix with a heart of gold. He has been a regular daycare member for three years and always comes in with a bright and positive attitude. Innocent as he looks, he can always work his magic on the staff members to get extra loving from them.   Since becoming a Fitdog member, Bernie has participated in our annual Howl-o-ween contest and dressed up in a number of awesome costumes. Shown above is Bernie stealing our hearts as a sailor. Bernie has a mellow presence on the yard and...

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new year blog

7 New Year’s goals for you and your dog

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Yeah, yeah, we know that people hardly ever stick to their resolutions, so we made seven goals for you and your pup to achieve over 2018. You see, a resolution implies change, which not everyone is ready to do at the drop of a hat on midnight. Goals are something you can work towards over the entire year. But like anything else, making commitments can sometimes be easier when you have another person (or puppy) in it with you, so here are seven goals that you and your dog can hold each other accountable for. 1. Clean up your diet This...

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DIY Boxes

Doggie DIY: Turn old boxes into dog games

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Hey wait! Before you throw that empty Amazon box into the recycle bin, imagine your dog being occupied for hours, worn out and happy after a long afternoon of playing. This doesn't require pricy toys or a robotic fetcher, and it puts old materials to practical use. With a few simple household materials, you can create games for your dog that engage their minds and allow them to play for a long time while you sit back and enjoy the work you've done. The main thing you will need: boxes! We used Ento Bento treats to entice Brecken during these activities....

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Christmas Gifts

Last-minute Christmas gifts

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Has Santa been.. um... slacking on the Christmas gift purchases? Fear not, for the next time you stop by Fitdog you can pick up one of these awesome toys and stash them under the tree before the big day!   Elf Woolie Instead of finding your elf on a shelf, you will find these elves burrowed in your bed, between the couch, or wherever else your pup likes to stash their treasure. These toys from Jax & Bones are made with boiled wool and colored with vegetable dye. Perfect for the little squeaker in your life, and not recommended for hearty chewers....

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LA Animal Nonprofits

Our favorite LA-based animal nonprofits

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Looking to give back to the animals this holiday season? There are several ways you can do so no matter your availability, budget, or location. We've gathered a list of our favorite animal nonprofit organizations looking for a helping hand this holiday season. Wags & Walks Hosting fundraisers through your school, business, or private foundation is a fun way to give back-- and a great excuse to have a party! Not only will you be raising awareness within your community about this great organization, but your charitable donations will go toward operational support for the Wags & Walks team. For as little as...

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Christmas Blog Header

12 dogs that made Christmas movies better

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Russell nipping at your toes. Yuletide howls being sung by rottweilers, and corgs dressed up in human clothes. These twelve pups prove that dogs make Christmas movies better! The Bumpus Hounds from A Christmas Story [embed][/embed] Mr. Bumpus was that neighbor in A Christmas Story who probably had more dogs than what was legal. As dog lovers, we don't blame the guy. The Bumpus Hounds notoriously snuck into Ralphie's house and demolished the Christmas turkey, causing his family to opt for a Chinese take-out dinner. Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas Everyone's favorite Halloween-Christmas hybrid has an oft-forgot...

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