SuperZoo 2017

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We were thrilled to attend SuperZoo 2017 in Las Vegas! From the latest news to fantastic new products, we can’t wait to share everything with you!  


Our favorites 

Some of our favorite companies, from Orijen & Acana (who just pulled out of!) to MetroPaws, at SuperZoo! Ono took their technology from their EZ Plate for kids to create a new feeding system for dogs.



Super heroes  

The Super Hero trend did not skip the pet industry! We loved seeing Super Hero themed collars, toys & more!


Teeth cleaning toys & treats  

We saw a lot of vendors were pitching toys that help clean teeth or aid in teeth cleaning. Himalayan has a wood bone that helps clean dogs’ teeth, while Aussie Naturals has a Water Buffalo Horn. Merrick now has an all-natural alternative of a teeth-cleaning treat, similar to Greenies. There are also new felt toys and rope toys to help clean teeth. 


Human grade food  

It’s not enough to be all natural, USA sourced and made, now pet food is human grade! We went to a demo for Orijen where they showed an ingredient comparison of what’s in Orijen (whole foods) vs grain-free brand x (limited meat, bones and powders). This is why we love and only sell Orijen and Acana dry foods!  

Would you eat dog food?!



From bully stick toys to cooling vests to bounce toys, we saw a HUGE trend in Native American patterns!



We can’t wait for you to see new products at Fitdog and can’t wait to see how much your pups love them, too! Take a moment to browse our available products the next time you’re in the Fitdog lobby! 

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