Solo-preneur or established company. What’s best for your dog’s care?

Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Solo-preneur or established company. What’s best for your dog’s care?

We try to make the best decisions when it comes to our dogs. The biggest decision is who will we leave in charge of our precious pups when we can’t be there. Here is what you need to consider when determining who should take care of your dog when you can’t.

Many people will claim their love of pets as their primary qualification. However, there is a big difference in loving dogs and truly knowing how to care for dogs. This includes implementing safety procedures, knowing about and being able to recognize health issues, and managing safe interactions. We have spent years at Fitdog developing our procedures and training staff to ensure dogs are receiving the care they need in addition to the love.

Many want to keep their pups at home and bring in a person to walk and feed daily because then their dog stays in their routine. Dogs care more about people and other dogs than places, though. They enjoy a sense of community, and when you’re gone, your home is empty. Regardless of where they are staying, they are happy as long as they are around familiar faces.

Proof of Care!
Oftentimes, there is no proof of care when using an individual dog walker or sitter. They could be at your house for an hour or 5 minutes, and you would not know the difference. When your dog is boarding at a facility, you are not only assured that they are interacting with people and dogs, but also that there is oversight to ensure your dog is fed, walked and cared for properly.

Just like you choose to workout in a gym or studio that has insurance, you should make sure your dog is protected with the same safeguards. When you hire a dog walker, outdoor adventure facilitator, or trainer, you should make sure they are both experienced AND insured. This helps make sure your dog is safe.

Individuals can charge as little or how much as they want. Oftentimes, though, these prices change without notice or reason. You also may have one person for walks, another to stay with your dog at night, and still you will have them take your pup to day camp. Those costs can add up quickly (and create chaos in routine we mentioned before)! At Fitdog, not only do we handle it all, but it could be as little as $51/day if they are staying a week with us.  Plus, your dog won’t be so confused with all of the comings and goings.

We love your dogs as if they were our own at Fitdog. If you are having any questions, please feel free to stop by or contact us! We are happy to discuss your dog and what’s best for your pup’s unique situation with you, anytime.

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