Sick dogs should stay at home

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From interacting with new dogs to spending time in different locations, dogs can get sick for various reasons. We know to stay home when we’re sick, but we need to understand that it’s the same for pups. It is important to know what a communicable disease is and what the signs or symptoms are that may require giving your dog a day off or bringing them to the vet. 


If your dog has any of the following symptoms, it’s best to skip daycare for a day to find out if it’s serious.  

  • Super sleepy in the morning – Does your pup not want to get out of bed (not to be confused with lethargy)? Your dog probably needs a day of rest. If you have to drop off at Camp, tell the staff they need more naps! 
  • Vomiting or diarrhea – These are common symptoms for dogs and can either be something benign or something serious like parasites. If you know your dog ate something weird or you switched their food, they are probably OK for daycare, but you want to let the staff know. If you don’t know what’s going on, take a day off. If it continues for more than a day or two, go to your vet to see if it’s serious.  
  • Runny nose – This could be allergies or a contagious illness like kennel cough. It’s best to take a day to see if your dog’s symptoms subside before returning to daycare. 
  • Coughing – Again, this might be something serious or perhaps your dog just inhaled some pollen or ate something weird.  
  • Blood in stool – This could be a sign of giardia or your dog could have had a hard stool, eaten something hard, or be stressed.  
  • Scratching – Persistent scratching is probably fleas. Bring your dog into your groomer and have them check for fleas and get a flea bath + monthly treatment. If your dog is highly allergic to fleas, your vet can prescribe medication. But never drop your dog off with fleas at daycare without alerting staff or getting a flea bath first! Fleas carry disease!  
  • Limping – Your dog might have exercised too hard and needs some rest. Let him rest for a day or two. If still limping, go to the vet. You don’t want them playing in daycare because dogs will pretend they are OK around the group and could strain it even more rather than letting it heal.  

If you pup experiences any of the following symptoms, a vet visit is recommended prior to coming back to daycare.  

  • Hacking or Honking – Dogs that make a loud sound like a hack or honking could have kennel cough. It’s best to go to the vet to check it out. 
  • Orange gel in stool – This is typically a sign of giardia and a bit different than regular blood in stool.  
  • Fatigue – Not to be confused with being tired. Fatigue is when your dog is having a hard time doing what he loves and is not himself. This definitely warrants a trip to the vet’s office. 
  • Loss of fur – Dogs in LA suffer from many skin conditions that can result in loss of fur. Whether it’s contagious, like ringworm or mites, or as a result of allergies, it’s never normal and you should go to your vet. 
  • Eye gunk – Persistent eye goo may be an infection and should be treated. 
  • Black ear gunk + pink skin – Having lots of earwax with red ears is a sign of an ear infection and should be treated immediately.  
  • Exhibiting pain – Dogs like to mask pain or injury, so if your dog is yelping for any reason, you should go to the vet. 
  • Parasites in stool – YUCK! Time to go to the vet and in a hurry.  
  • Facial warts – They are ugly, contagious, and are as a result of low immune support (puppies are most susceptible). We always recommend taking an immune booster and at least 2 weeks of rest. The wart will fall off. 

It’s also important to note that mange, ringworm, giardia, roundworms and tapeworms are zoonotic – that means you can get them! – so make sure you clean your house thoroughly!!   

When it comes to Fitdog Sports Club, all dogs coming back from an illness require an ENTRANCE bath before playing. What is an entrance bath? Since dog’s sniff and lick each other’s faces and butts, it’s important that any old stool that is still contagious has been washed off the dog so that other dogs will not get sick. 

Please don’t,  

  • Bring your sick dog to daycare assuming he got sick from daycare so it must be okay. Sick dogs are never okay to mingle and always need to seek treatment.  
  • Ignore signs and symptoms like runny noses or fur loss. While it might be nothing, it also could be something.  
  • Bring your dog back before your medication or treatment is completed. 
  • Lie to your daycare provider by telling them that your dog is OK to play when they are not.  

As a dog community, we need to keep our pups safe and we do that by being proactive and taking the necessary precautions. If you have any questions on if your pup is getting sick and should stay home to rest, be sure to leave a message below, email us at or call us at 310-828-3647 (DOGS).

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