The Scoop on Poop!

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Have a dog and live in a dog-friendly neighborhood?  Think it’s okay to let your dog do his business anywhere and everywhere?

We’re here to help you be a better neighbor and avoid being the target of complaints on the NextDoor app.  Here is the full scoop on the doggie doo-doo’s and don’t’s when it comes to #1 and #2.

Pick it up
Did they poop in a bush, at night when you can’t see, in the middle of someone’s lawn? Doesn’t matter. Pick it up. No matter where your dog goes or what you’re doing, be sure to pick up your dog’s poop. And don’t get caught without a poop bag. We love these bags by Metro Paws – not only will you be poop-prepared but also stylish!

Be mindful
Dogs tend to scratch and kick after going to the potty to leave more of their scent. Dog pee also often kills grass. Be mindful of the lawns your neighbors work diligently to grow and maintain. Some homes will also have signs asking you to make sure your pup doesn’t use their lawn as their personal toilet. Be thoughtful of where you’re letting your dog do his business.

Teach them the right ways
Does your dog dig holes to poop? Or go in the same spot (on your neighbors’ lawn) every time? Mark on every tree, bush and corner? Don’t just assume there is nothing you can do. Train your pup what’s right and wrong and give positive reinforcement so they can learn and succeed.

Inform Others
Many neighborhood HOA’s have set rules on where dogs can go to relieve themselves, where to throw poop out while on walks, and more. No matter if it’s you, your young child, your dog walker, or your family visiting from out of town, make sure EVERYONE knows and respects the rules and neighborhood etiquette.

Plant accordingly
Does your pooch kill your own lawn? If you water the area of urination immediately after, you can lessen the detrimental effect on fully mature lawns. Try growing one of these grass types that are great for pets.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial Rye Grass
  • Turf-Type Tall Fescue


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