How to ensure your dog has a perfect stay

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Many owners are nervous about leaving their dogs when they go on vacation. We’ve put together some Do’s and Don’ts to make sure your dog has the best staycation (so you don’t have to worry!).


Do Bring a Toy or Two

Bring 1 or 2 toys or “babies” to have with your dog when they are sleeping. Dogs like having their special items with them and will cuddle with them at night (they are so cute!). sleepingdog no background

Do Bring Items from Home

A few things from home will make the area more comfy for your dog. A blanket or t-shirt smells like home and reminds dogs that they are in a safe and familiar place.

Do Bring Snacks or Treats

Daycare is a long day of play and when dogs are boarding over several days, they need to keep up their energy. Snacks help dogs stay active throughout the day and it also makes naptime fun.

Do Mark Items

Mark all of your dog’s toys, bedding and food items with your dog’s name and last initial. Like kindergarten, toys and other items can accidentally be swapped, so labeling ensures you’ll get yours back.

Do Book a Spa Appointment

If your dog is staying longer than 4 or 5 days, reserve a spa appointment before pick-up. It really doesn’t matter how clean a facility is, 5 days of doggy play equals a lot of doggy slobber.


Don’t be Nervous

It’s hard. But when you are nervous, your dog senses your energy and will also start to feel nervous (even if he doesn’t know why!). If you are happy and excited, your dog will be too. They take all of their cues from you.

Don’t Bring Fancy Bedding

Sometimes dogs like to play in their water, have muddy feet from walks, or have been wrestling with friends all day, which means bedding is going to get wet and stinky. Any bedding you bring should be machine washable.

Don’t Bring Bowls

All facilities have their own bowls, so you can keep your dog’s bowls at home. One less thing to bring with you at drop off.

Don’t Introduce New Food Right Before

Try not to transition your dog’s food before a vacation. Dogs frequently get upset stomachs and diarrhea when switching foods. Plus you don’t want to risk having your dog suffer from an unexpected allergic reaction while you’re away. ​

This article was originally published in San Diego Pet Magazine on March 13, 2014. San Diego Pets Magazine offers captivating stories and resources that promote the amazing San Diego Pet lifestyle. Twitter: @SanDiegoPets

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