Celebrating Valentine’s with your dog

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Spice it up this Valentine’s by swapping out your dog’s every day with something more amazing!


Instead of: a Bath

Try: a Doggy Massage Okay, seems over the top, right? Well you know how your dog goes nuts when you scratch his belly? Multiply that joy. Dogs melt on the massage table. The cost runs about the same price as a human massage.

Instead of: Treats

Try: Treat Toys (plus treats) Most dogs are bred to work and solve problems. Puzzle toys engage their minds to achieve yummy rewards. Some of our favorite treat toys include Planet Dog Mazee and the Starmark Bento Ball. You can also fill up a Kong with their dog kibble, top it off with some peanut butter and stick it in the freezer for a special dinner treat.

Instead of: a Walk

Try: Hiking Dogs can get bored too and taking the same route every day is boring for you and your dog. Try walking over a few blocks for a change of scenery or drive up to the hills for a hike. Dogs love adventure and elevated hiking gives some added exercise.

Instead of: Dog Park

Try: Doggy Daycare Both are exciting and fun, but the dog park is usually cut short because “Mom” has to run errands or meet her friends. Treat your dog to a full day of fun by dropping him off at your local doggy daycare, like Fitdog Sports Club. At doggy daycare, they will have professional supervision and can enjoy up to several hours of play with their pals while you have your own time too.

This article was originally published in San Diego Pets Magazine. San Diego Pets Magazine offers captivating stories and resources that promote the amazing San Diego Pet lifestyle. Twitter: @SanDiegoPets

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