Meet Ragu! Our Fitdog of the Month for November 2017

Ragu Blog

For November 2017, we are honoring Ragu, a spunky, independent Brussels/Schnauzer mix whose lovable spirit is incredibly uplifting. When Ragu first came to Fitdog in 2015, she was really nervous about being separated from her mom. Since then, Ragu has come into her own and now rules the yard. As a lady who knows what she wants, Ragu can often be found playing Queen of the Mountain with Ike and Rudi so she can keep an eye on all her daycare mates, and make eyes at her favorite employee, Will.

When Ragu wants a change of scenery, she hangs out with the front desk Club Coordinators and makes sure everything is done perfectly. Without Ragu, we would all be slackers!

Seeing Ragu’s confidence soar is one of the reasons we do what we do. Cheers to Ragu, our  Fitdog of the Month!


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