Meet our trainers: Rhonda Feinberg

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog_ Meet Our Trainers: Rhonda Feinberg

We at Fitdog take the highest regard for the training of your dogs. From basic puppy training to behavioral modification, we want you to meet and KNOW the individuals behind our fantastic training programs. Last post, we introduced you to Jeff, now we’re excited for you to meet Rhonda – another one of our fantastic Fitdog trainers!

Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog_ Meet Our Trainers: Rhonda Feinberg

Rhonda has been training dogs for 16 years! She studied animal behavior in college and after she got married and raised her son, she brought home 2 mini Schnauzers, who started her dog training career.

Rhonda has a mentor that she has worked with her entire career. She also worked in the behavior department at Pasadena Humane society for many years. When she isn’t training, her favorite thing to do is spending time with her family and snow skiing.

Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog_ Meet Our Trainers: Rhonda Feinberg

We asked Rhonda a few questions and here is what she had to say:

What is your favorite thing to teach a dog?
Rhonda: My favorite thing to teach a dog is that training is fun. When I can tap into that dog brain and the dogs learn to want to work, that is the most satisfying thing I can teach a dog.

What is one tip you would give dog owners regarding training?
Rhonda: The one tip I would give a dog owner regarding training id that dog training will strengthen your bond with your dog.

What is the biggest transformation that you’ve seen during training?
Rhonda: The biggest change that I have seen during training is when I can get the dog owner and the dog to communicate with each other. When that happens it is almost like a dance. When a dog can understand what his owner is trying to communicate it is life changing for the dog.

We can’t wait for you to meet Rhonda the next time you are at Fitdog!

If you have questions for Rhonda or any of our Trainers, leave them in our comment section and we will be sure to get them answered!

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