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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Featured in Huffington Post

We’re so excited to announce that our co-owner, Andrea was featured on Huffington Post in their HuffPost Parents section! In her article, she discusses how to introduce your dog to your baby and the importance of showing your dog the same amount of affection as you did before the new addition. A dog has the emotional capabilities of a 2 and a half-year-old and “ your dog will get jealous, feel isolated and be insecure about the baby in the same way an older human sibling would,” she says.

It’s important to set aside alone time with your dog to remind him how much you love him, despite having a new baby in the family. Andrea suggests killing two birds with one stone by having someone else watch the baby while you two go for a walk or playing in the living room or backyard while the baby is asleep in her crib.

She also notes the importance of making sure your dog is completely trained before the baby is born. “Does he have any training or obedience issues (e.g., excessive barking, leash pulling) that need to be addressed? If so, take care of ASAP – it will be much harder to address them after the baby comes.”

Be sure to read the rest of the article for more tips and information on how to blend your life as dog parent with your life as a human parent!

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