How to prepare for your dog’s first hike

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Dogs might have the four-leg advantage over humans when it comes to exercise, but that doesn’t mean they should be any less prepared for hiking than us. Getting your dog ready for their first hike can be simple and easy, and allowing them time to recoup afterward can be a relaxing experience for both of you.

Before the Hike


You wouldn’t go on a hike without water or some protein-rich snacks, so why wouldn’t you pack the same for your pup? Orijen makes great freeze-dried snacks that are made of 100% meat and easy to pack. Outward Hound makes a dog backpack that we love, lightweight and tight-fitting so your dog can move easily without feeling like there’s a lumpy sack on their back. Brands like Popware for Pets make collapsible water bowls that fit easily into day packs. A proper pack will ensure you and your dog can enjoy that beautiful vista at the end of your hike.

During the Hike


It’s important to be aware of your dog’s hiking ability while you’re on the trail. Not all dogs are built the same, and everyone exercises at their own pace. If your dog is looking thirsty or lagging behind, take generous breaks to ensure you can both enjoy the hike! Additionally, it’s important to remember hike etiquette and be mindful of other dogs, bikes and humans especially on dog-friendly trails in Los Angeles. Once you reach the peak or end of the trail, kick back and enjoy a water break and snack with your dog– they will be grateful and energized for the hike back home.

After the Hike

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It is perfectly normal for your dog to be sleepy, hungry, and sore after a hike, especially if they are new to the activity. Just as with humans, a lack of sleep and over-exercising can lead to a depleted immune system. At Fitdog, we make sure all our members who return to daycare after their hikes get a substantial resting period so they don’t get too worn down. It’s also wise to give your dog protein-rich foods after the hike in order to help their muscles develop, which will make them stronger for the next trail you hit. If your dog is older, chances are their joints aren’t what they used to be, so we recommend NuJoint supplements to help ease soreness and increase longevity in your dog’s active life!

Hiking should be a rewarding experience for you and your dog. Great for bonding, exercise, and socialization, hiking provides residents of Los Angeles reprieve from the hectic city. The bonding doesn’t have to stop at the trail head or the car ride home, though– end your day with some Netflix and chill for you and your fur baby so you can be rested and renewed for the week to follow!

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What are some things you noticed in your dog after their first hike? Comment below!

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