Keep your dog stress-free on Halloween

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Dogs on Halloween

Take a list of all the things dogs hate: constant doorbell ringing, people in disguise, chocolate, loud noises, and strangers at the door. Now, put that all into one holiday. Sound familiar? If your dog is one of the many, MANY dogs who freak out on Halloween, you may find these resources helpful:


A reluctant Bentley let us dress him up as a Wooly Mammoth

A reluctant Bentley let us dress him up as a Woolly Mammoth

  • Be Prepared. Get ready for the big night with PetMD’s list of 10 safety tips to take on Halloween night to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being.
  • Dog-friendly Treats. “Munchkins and the Military” published this super easy Halloween dog treat recipe so your dog won’t feel left out when everyone else is binging on candy. Always remember to keep chocolate and candies away from your pup!
  • Stay Safe. Dogs should be kept away from the door to prevent them from running away. Dogs who get frightened can bolt off in an instant. In these situations, it’s important to remain calm and immediately start a search: call around local shelters, walk through your neighborhood on foot. Most dogs try to return home but sometimes lose their way.
  • Overnight Boarding. If you’re planning on going out or are having a big party on Halloween, you have the option of boarding your dog overnight to ensure they are safe, cared for, and far from the disturbance that trick-or-treaters can cause.
  • Mingle with Mutts. If you want to avoid trick-or-treaters all together, you can check out this dog-friendly happy hour!

Whatever your plans are, you can make it a happy and safe experience for you and your dogs by following simple precautions. From all of us at Fitdog, have a fun and ghoulish Halloween!

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