Why dental cleanings are a must for your pup

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Why Dental Cleanings Are A Must For Your Pup

Imagine not brushing your teeth or going to the dentist – ever. Besides stinky breath, you’d be at risk for dental diseases like gingivitis, cavities, plaque and tartar buildup. When your pup doesn’t get dental care, the same is true!

We know it’s not the easiest task to try to brush your dog’s teeth, but it is necessary to take care of your pup’s pearly whites. Avoiding teeth brushings can lead to health issues especially if the bacteria associated with dental decay get into your pet’s bloodstream. The bacteria can cause issues with your pet’s heart, kidneys, and joints.

Regular dental cleanings remove the plaque and tartar buildup from your pet’s teeth. After cleaning below the gum line, your pet is left with a clean, fresh mouth. Chris Thomas, the owner of K9 Grillz, recommends dental cleanings every 6 months – just like people!

Every other month Fitdog hosts anesthesia-free dental cleanings by K9 Grillz. K9 Grillz is veterinarian owned and operated. They provide non-anesthesia dental cleaning including an examination by veterinarian, cleaning and tartar removal and polishing.

Call us at 310-828-3647 or email to make an appointment for our March 8 event.

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