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Summer months are always tough on our pets, but recent years have been brutal! Intense heat makes dogs more susceptible to overheating or suffering from heatstroke, and even burning their paw pads. Here are some of our favorite products and tips to beat the heat during hot summer months.

Cooling Vests & Jackets
Dogs don’t sweat like humans. As such, heat and humidity can raise canine temperatures to dangerous levels. For outdoor hikes and adventures, consider getting your pup a cooling vest. REI and Kurgo have a few options, but we also sell our favorite and most reliable brands at Fitdog.

Provide Paw Protection
Did you know that at 86°F, black pavement temperatures can exceed 135°F?! Make sure your pup’s paws are protected. Dog boots and paw wax can help to protect them from rough or hot surfaces. Just remember that dogs release heat through their mouths and their paws, so only keep their feet covered when needed.

Cool Mats & Beds
Specialized mats provide your pup a place to cool down quickly. From mesh to self-cooling to water-filled ones, there are countless options to best fit your and your pooch’s needs.

Provide Extra Drinking Water
To encourage a dog to drink on hot days, be sure to constantly supply cold water. To keep it from getting too warm, you can fill a dog bowl or bucket and freeze it overnight. As it melts, it provides a steady supply of refreshing, cold water. You can even freeze or chill water in the refrigerator in a plastic water bottle and add it to your dog’s water during the day. Be sure to change your dog’s water more often during hot weather and add ice cubes to your dog’s bowl. For more tips, be sure to visit this blog post.

When it’s hot out, we take extra care of your pups when out on hikes, at the beach, and at agility training, but we need your help. Take the time to research which cooling method is best for your pup. You can even try on cooling vests the next time you stop into Fitdog to find just the right fit!

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