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Valentine’s Day

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Smooches 4 Pooches 2017

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We loved seeing everyone who attended this year’s Smooches 4 Pooches event! Thank you to our partners including Vetted PetCare, Weruva Super Luxe Pet Food, Metro Paws, Himalayan Chews, VCA Broadway and Santa Monica, The Lobos Truck, and Starbucks, who helped us have a fantastic Smooches 4 Pooches event! We are pleased to share that $500 was raised for Wags & Walks and FIVE dogs were adopted! Congratulations to all of the new Valentine’s!   There’s still time to find your forever love! Visit Wags & Walks’ website for adoptable dogs.

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Fitdog Sports Club_Smooches 4 Pooches

Smooches 4 Pooches

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined us yesterday for our first ever Smooches 4 Pooches event! We hope you had as much fun as we did! We are so happy to have benefited Operation Blankets of Love. With your donations from the kissing booth and the blankets and towels you brought in, so many homeless and sheltered pets will be able to live a more comfortable life despite their circumstances! The kissing booth turned out to be absolutely adorable, and we’re sure our pups loved all the attention they were getting! Be sure to visit our Facebook page...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dogs on Valentine’s Day and chocolate

Dogs on Valentine’s Day and chocolate

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s important that we remember some of the most important sweethearts in our lives, our pups! While this is a holiday filled with love and celebration, it can turn scary fast if your dog finds her way into some of your chocolates. Unlike humans, dogs are unable to break down certain compounds in chocolate properly, so it is extremely toxic and potentially life-threatening if enough of it is consumed. When you’re celebrating with your significant other this upcoming holiday, make sure any chocolates you may receive are far enough away so that your pups have...

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Smooches 4 Pooches

Smooches For Pooches

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This Valentine’s Day, help us spread the love! Join Fitdog Sports Club for our first Smooches 4 Pooches event to raise funds for a good cause! On Thursday, February 11 we will be hosting a Smooches 4 Pooches kissing booth. For $5, you can have your picture taken while getting kisses from your favorite Fitdogs. All funds raised will go towards Operation Blankets of Love, a non-profit organization that provides comfort items for homeless and shelter pets in the Los Angeles area, to help other dogs in need. Stop by anytime during the day to drop off blankets and get...

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Dangerous holidays for dogs

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Every year in the weeks surrounding Halloween and Christmas, the APCC receives hundreds of calls regarding dogs ingesting foreign bodies, like toys, chocolate, or candy wrappers. These foreign bodies often have the potential to permanently harm their internal organs and often cause a variety of debilitating sicknesses. This year, make sure your dog stays strong and healthy using these tips. Always make sure that you feed your dog often enough and on a schedule. When dogs are hungry, they may eat something they normally wouldn’t. Feed your pup their meals at the same time every day, their body will adjust...

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DIY dog Valentine “chocolate” treats

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We all know dogs can't eat chocolate. But you can make your own "chocolate" treats by substituting carob, a doggy safe chocolate alternative. I found two carob recipes online, a Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark and a Peanut Butter & “Chocolate” Truffle, that make perfect treats for any Valentine’s. Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark From All Things Dog Blog Ingredients 4 cups carob chips 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (dry roasted peanuts are good too) 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon Preparation I decided to make the Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark first. It's a super easy recipe and has inspired me...

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Celebrating Valentine’s with your dog

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Spice it up this Valentine’s by swapping out your dog’s every day with something more amazing! Instead of: a Bath Try: a Doggy Massage Okay, seems over the top, right? Well you know how your dog goes nuts when you scratch his belly? Multiply that joy. Dogs melt on the massage table. The cost runs about the same price as a human massage. Instead of: Treats Try: Treat Toys (plus treats) Most dogs are bred to work and solve problems. Puzzle toys engage their minds to achieve yummy rewards. Some of our favorite treat toys include Planet Dog Mazee and...

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Chocolate and dogs

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and you are looking for unique ways to celebrate it not only with your loved ones, but also with your biggest admirers – your dogs! Over 35 million people will receive heart shaped chocolate boxes this Valentine’s making it the busiest day for veterinarians to field calls and treat chocolate poisoning in dogs. Dogs, like people, love chocolate. Unfortunately for man’s best friend, chocolate is toxic and can cause severe poisoning and even death. That’s because chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine (a stimulant similar to caffeine). Dogs can’t process theobromine, so the levels accumulate...

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