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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ So Many Reasons To Love The Fall!

So many reasons to love the Fall!

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Fall brings cooler weather, colorful leaves and the best doggy events of the year! Help support local pet rescues, watch dogs surf waves, and check out some Corgi butts on the beach. Surf Dog Competition – September 23 The McKenna Subaru Surf City Surf Dog is the world-famous premier event on the dog surfing circuit. The event is free to attend, so bring your whole family and enjoy a weekend of fun. We’ll have a tent at the competition on Saturday and can’t wait to see you there! Wiggle Waggle Walk – September 24 Join in at the 19th Annual...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Best Dog-Friendly Brunch Spots in Santa Monica

Best dog-friendly brunch spots in Santa Monica and Los Angeles

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We have the most amazing weather in LA, so why not relish in it?! And, we all know that brunch is the best meal of the day! So, grab your favorite sunglasses, your pup’s harness, and enjoy brunch at one of Santa Monica and LA’s dog-friendly brunch spots! Ashland Hill With a fantastic menu and a big back patio that is basically dog heaven, you can’t go wrong at Ashland Hill! Blue Daisy Blue Daisy has amazing selections from delicious benedicts to their to-die-for crepes! You and your pup will have a fantastic time at their location near the beach...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Featured in Elle Décor’s 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in the USA

Featured in Elle Décor’s 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in the USA

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We are thrilled to be featured in Elle Décor’s list of the 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in all of the USA! As Elle Décor highlights, our focus on outdoor California lifestyle gives dogs a unique and fun experience. From sunny beaches to canyon hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains to fun daycare playtime with friends, your dog will experience a full day of activity before resting easy in one of our suites. Then your dog can advantage of our in-house amenities like cooling pet beds, puzzle playtime, treadmill workouts and mini-bar service. Whether you’re from LA and traveling afar...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Traveling Stress-Free With Your Dog

Traveling stress-free with your dog

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The stress of traveling during the holidays keeps many pet owners from taking their dog with the over the holidays. The best way to beat stress is to be prepared. Here are 8 tips to making sure you and your pup are prepared and traveling stress-free this holiday season. Book on a pet-friendly airline in advance. Most airlines only allow two pets per cabin and charge a one-way fee. Also be prepared to check luggage since your dog counts as one of your carry-on bags. Find a carry-on bag that is approved by the FDA. Your dog should be able...

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Fitdog Sports Club blog_Planning A Road Trip With Your Dog

Planning a road trip with your dog

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Looking for the perfect companion on your road trip? Your dog could be the travel buddy you’ve been looking for all along. Just like humans, dogs need to prepare for an upcoming trip. Here are some tips that will make traveling with your favorite canine a breeze! Contact your vet You’ll want to make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. In addition, by letting your veterinarian aware of the places you are heading to, they may suggest other vaccinations to ensure the safety and health of your dog. Confirm pet policies To avoid unpleasant surprises, contact your destinations...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ What To Bring On A Camping Trip With Your Dog

What to bring on a camping trip with your dog

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Camping is a time for catching fireflies, hanging by a campfire with friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. When taking your beloved pup camping, it is important to be prepared, especially during your dog’s first time. Here are a few things to bring on a camping trip with your dog. ID tags, Collar, and Leash. Make sure your dog wears their tags at all times. The tags should have a phone number that you can be reached at while camping if your dog somehow got lost. Bring a nice strong leash and collar that will hold up if your dog...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Airlines That Allow Pets

Airlines that allow pets to fly

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With summer here, it is time for the vacation of your dreams! Does that dream include having your pup tag along? If so, there are several airlines that allow you to travel in style with your pet right by your side.  Jet Blue Jet Blue offers a service called JetPaws. For $100 each way your dog can travel with you to almost any destination. Your carrier must not exceed 17"L x 12.5"W x 8.5"H and your dog must weigh under 20 pounds. If you are a True Blue member you may receive 300 true blue points each time you travel...

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Fitdog Sports Club_ Health Watch: Rabies and vaccines

Health Watch: Rabies and vaccines

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The health of the pups at Fitdog is very important to us! There are countless infectious diseases dogs can be exposed to if they are not properly vaccinated. Before a dog can stay at daycare or overnight, they must be vaccinated for DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. A DHPP shot covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. Here is a quick description of what each disease is to understand why we require the vaccinations in order to protect not only your own dog but also, the other dogs here at Fitdog. Canine Distemper Canine Distemper is a viral illness that is highly...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Pet Sitter vs Boarding

Pet sitter vs. dog facility

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If you love travel as much as you love your pups, sooner or later you’ll have to make the hard decision of leaving your dog in someone else’s care. But how do you make that decision? Since it is not always possible to take your pooch along for the ride, we’re comparing pet sitters to dog facilities with the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is best! Dog Sitter: Unless they’re a stay-in sitter, this option tends to include paying someone to check up on your pup daily to feed them, walk them and play with...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Dog friendly hotels

Best dog-friendly hotels

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Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, spring break, summer vacation or just planning a staycation, we’ve rounded up our favorite dog-friendly hotels. A family vacation isn’t complete if your furry four-legged family members aren’t with you! With so many hotels banning pups from entering their doors, it can be hard to find a place where you can your dog can stay! That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite dog-friendly hotels in the greatest vacation spots around. Aqua Waikiki Wave (Honolulu, Hawaii) – With amenities like yummy treats, food and water bowls, a doggy bed and a special toy, your pup...

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