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Conscious Canine: How pop culture has influenced our understanding of dogs

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For many people who grew up in homes where pets were not allowed, their first interactions with animals may have been through a song, a storybook, or a movie. Perhaps you grew up watching Toto tease the wicked witch and came to think of Yorkshire terriers as quick, witty dogs. Or maybe you learned at a young age how a pack of Dalmatians could outsmart an evil fur mogul, showcasing the loyalty of a dog pack. And if your grandmother was anything like mine, you could sing how much is that doggie in the window? (arf arf) before you could speak full sentences. Whether or not...

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Bernie is a cute poodle mix

Meet Bernie! Our Fitdog of the Month for January

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For January we're honoring Bernie as Fitdog of the Month! Bernie is a fluffball poodle-mix with a heart of gold. He has been a regular daycare member for three years and always comes in with a bright and positive attitude. Innocent as he looks, he can always work his magic on the staff members to get extra loving from them.   Since becoming a Fitdog member, Bernie has participated in our annual Howl-o-ween contest and dressed up in a number of awesome costumes. Shown above is Bernie stealing our hearts as a sailor. Bernie has a mellow presence on the yard and...

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Mac Fitdog of the month

Meet Mac! Our Fitdog of the Month for December 2017

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For December 2017, we're honoring Mac, a sporty and energetic yellow lab who is always up for a fun adventure with our sports pack. On the trail, he and Penny C. are thick as thieves. When he's not at the beach or on a hike, Mac loves to wrestle and play tag on the yard with his friends. Mac's best daycare friends include Tenby, Luna, Annie, Roscoe, and Murray. Mac also loves to play in the ball pit. Mac has been a member of Fitdog for just over a year and has nuzzled his way into the hearts of our club...

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Why we’re thankful for dogs

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At Fitdog, we're extremely grateful to have dogs in our life. Working with animals every day is challenging, uplifting, comforting, and so much more. We wouldn't want it any other way. We asked some of our staff why they're thankful for dogs. Here's what they had to say:     From all of us at Fitdog, have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks to your dogs and loved ones this holiday season!

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Life with a senior dog

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November has been designated as Adopt a Senior Pet Month, an initiative meant to bring awareness to older shelter pets who were surrendered by their previous owners. Studies cite age and breed type as two of the most important factors considered by potential adopters, and more often than not people will tend to adopt younger dogs over older ones. [caption id="attachment_11019" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Fitdog Club Member Ginger. Photo by Angela Brittain, 2017.[/caption] We spent a day with Ginger, a Fitdog members, and her mom, Noel, to talk about what life is like with a senior dog, and why more people should be...

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Ragu Blog

Meet Ragu! Our Fitdog of the Month for November 2017

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For November 2017, we are honoring Ragu, a spunky, independent Brussels/Schnauzer mix whose lovable spirit is incredibly uplifting. When Ragu first came to Fitdog in 2015, she was really nervous about being separated from her mom. Since then, Ragu has come into her own and now rules the yard. As a lady who knows what she wants, Ragu can often be found playing Queen of the Mountain with Ike and Rudi so she can keep an eye on all her daycare mates, and make eyes at her favorite employee, Will. When Ragu wants a change of scenery, she hangs out with the front desk Club Coordinators and makes...

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7th Annual Fitdog Howl-o-ween

And the Howl-o-ween winner is…

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[caption id="attachment_10950" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Congratulations to Kimchi, our contest winner![/caption]   Thank you to everyone who entered our #fitdoghowloween17 photo contest! We had an amazing turnout with so many adorable costume pics. Thankfully it isn't up to us who will win! The top five is selected by you based on the number of likes on Instagram & Woobox and the winner is randomly selected from the group of finalists.   And the winner is . . . Kimchi, the sushi!   Kimchi is a member of our daycare Club where she loves to romp around with her fellow corgis or...

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Los Angeles Dog Training

The difference between obedience and behavioral training

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With so many types of training programs available to dog owners, it can be difficult to decide which kind of program is best for you and your pup. There are programs specialized to unravel years of behavioral issues, others meant to socialize dogs, and there are those that simply teach your dog how to high-five and roll over. If you've enrolled your dog in a training program and found the results were less than satisfactory, it may be because the type of training program wasn't suited for your dog's needs. Training Options Overview There are a couple different options when it...

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husky favorite breeds

Fitdog Asks: Your Favorite Breeds

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Back in August, Fitdog asked for your favorite dog breeds. The results are in, and maybe more surprising than you think! 1.Husky Coming from a tradition of pulling heavy sleds through vast tundra, huskies are an unlikely favorite among Southern Californians. Huskies are a magical breed, sharing genetic codes with ancient species of wolves. This breed is special because they are so closely related to the first dogs who were ever domesticated. 2. Pitbull  The term "pitbull" is confusing because to most people it encompasses a few different breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terriers, and other bully breeds....

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Fitdog Sports Ready

Fitdog Sports Ready

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Did you know?! Hikes are appropriate for dogs of all shapes and sizes!! But not all dogs have the recall skills needed to hit the trails and enjoy off-leash exploring. And, thus, an idea was born at Fitdog! Let’s combine the great workout of a hike, with awesome training and obedience skills! We are excited to share new Fitdog class for you and your pup! Jeff Soto, our longtime partner and dog trainer, is offering a cost-effective training session for sports dogs that need some additional training on the trail – called Fitdog Sports Ready. Fitdog Sports Ready will be...

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