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Just Food For Dogs

What I Learned at Doggie Cooking Class

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Last week, I went to a cooking demonstration at Just Food For Dogs in West Hollywood to learn how to whip up a nice dinner for my pup. Along the way, I learned just how gross the kibble industry is, how easy it is to give your dog a truly healthy meal, and how one company is making it their mission to change the way we think about our dog's diets. A little background on the company: Just Food for Dogs was founded in Newport Beach by Shawn Buckley, who was just a regular dude with a dog. Once he found out...

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diy dog rope toy

Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

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The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider taking your old ratty t-shirts and turning them into a toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking your wallet. And it turns out that cutting up old shirts is really, really gratifying.   Here's what you'll need:   Yep, that's it. 2-3 old t-shirts you're ready to part with and a pair of scissors. Fabric scissors work best, but your dog is not going to care how cleanly you cut the shirts up. Step 1:...

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