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The ultimate guide to a dog-friendly Thanksgiving

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If you're expecting any four-legged guests at your Thanksgiving gathering, you can easily create a pet-friendly spread that ensures everyone is included in the festivities. We've compiled the best dog-friendly Thanksgiving recipes and tips from around the web to make your Thanksgiving pet-inclusive.   [caption id="attachment_11038" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo by Andrew Pons. source: [/caption] Veggies Gourds are a staple of any winter feast, and they are generally dog-friendly. Some people advise staying away from the Japanese Kabocha squash, claiming dogs can get sick if they eat too much of it. Sweet potatoes are super nutritional for dogs. If any of your dishes...

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Dogs on Halloween

Keep your dog stress-free on Halloween

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Take a list of all the things dogs hate: constant doorbell ringing, people in disguise, chocolate, loud noises, and strangers at the door. Now, put that all into one holiday. Sound familiar? If your dog is one of the many, MANY dogs who freak out on Halloween, you may find these resources helpful:   [caption id="attachment_10879" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A reluctant Bentley let us dress him up as a Woolly Mammoth[/caption] Be Prepared. Get ready for the big night with PetMD's list of 10 safety tips to take on Halloween night to ensure your pet's safety and well-being. Dog-friendly Treats. "Munchkins...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_5 Kitchen Staples To Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy In The New Year

5 kitchen staples to keep your dog happy and healthy in the new year

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Keep your dog happy and healthy this new year! We’ve shared what types of fruits and vegetables your pup should avoid, but did you know that there are household items that will help keep your pup healthy? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite kitchen staples that you can use to start your dog off on the right paw. Carrots Carrots make tasty treats plus they are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Give them to your pup steamed, raw or freeze them to make a chew treat. Chicken & Rice Boiled chicken and rice is a quick and...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Holiday Dog Treats

Holiday dog treats

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Santa is not the only one deserving of treats this time of year. With all the baking you are doing for your friends and family, don’t forget to make a little something special for your furry friends, too. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite easy to make, dog-friendly and healthy treats to spoil your Santa’s Little Helper. Test out a few of these dog-delicious recipes: All-Natural, Vegan Dog Treats Apple Crisp Dog Treats Photo Credit: PopSugar Peanut Butter & Ginger Snaps Gingerbread Men Dog Treats Photo Credit: Pretty Fluffy Snowflake Shortbread Dog Cookie Photo Credit: Pretty Fluffy...

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Summer dog treats you can make at home

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Summer is the perfect time to whip up some homemade treats for your pup. A frozen treat is a great way for your dog to get extra healthy fruits and vegetables into their diet. Here are some healthy frozen treats to keep your pup cool all summer long. Frozen Kong Treats These treats are simple, fun and can keep your pup entertained for quite some time! You can use sweet potato and peanut butter, or you can combine any of the following dog-friendly foods for some variety: mashed banana, yogurt, and mashed carrots. Get creative! Combine ½ a roasted sweet...

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How to create a doggy friendly Easter basket

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Easter is right around the corner, and there’s no reason why your pup can’t get into the fun. While the kids open their Easter baskets, give fido a dog-approved one of his one with just a few adjustments. Step 1: Pick a container. You can use just about any basket, bucket, or bowl that you might have handy. We like the personalized bucket from Harry Barker for a holiday splurge, and of course, had to put Brecken’s name on it! While you shouldn’t offer your dog a piece of that chocolate bunny (chocolate is toxic to dogs), you can make...

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DIY dog Valentine “chocolate” treats

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We all know dogs can't eat chocolate. But you can make your own "chocolate" treats by substituting carob, a doggy safe chocolate alternative. I found two carob recipes online, a Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark and a Peanut Butter & “Chocolate” Truffle, that make perfect treats for any Valentine’s. Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark From All Things Dog Blog Ingredients 4 cups carob chips 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (dry roasted peanuts are good too) 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon Preparation I decided to make the Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark first. It's a super easy recipe and has inspired me...

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