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Just Food For Dogs

What I Learned at Doggie Cooking Class

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Last week, I went to a cooking demonstration at Just Food For Dogs in West Hollywood to learn how to whip up a nice dinner for my pup. Along the way, I learned just how gross the kibble industry is, how easy it is to give your dog a truly healthy meal, and how one company is making it their mission to change the way we think about our dog's diets. A little background on the company: Just Food for Dogs was founded in Newport Beach by Shawn Buckley, who was just a regular dude with a dog. Once he found out...

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diy dog rope toy

Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

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The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider taking your old ratty t-shirts and turning them into a toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking your wallet. And it turns out that cutting up old shirts is really, really gratifying.   Here's what you'll need:   Yep, that's it. 2-3 old t-shirts you're ready to part with and a pair of scissors. Fabric scissors work best, but your dog is not going to care how cleanly you cut the shirts up. Step 1:...

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new year blog

7 New Year’s goals for you and your dog

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Yeah, yeah, we know that people hardly ever stick to their resolutions, so we made seven goals for you and your pup to achieve over 2018. You see, a resolution implies change, which not everyone is ready to do at the drop of a hat on midnight. Goals are something you can work towards over the entire year. But like anything else, making commitments can sometimes be easier when you have another person (or puppy) in it with you, so here are seven goals that you and your dog can hold each other accountable for. 1. Clean up your diet This...

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DIY Boxes

Doggie DIY: Turn old boxes into dog games

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Hey wait! Before you throw that empty Amazon box into the recycle bin, imagine your dog being occupied for hours, worn out and happy after a long afternoon of playing. This doesn't require pricy toys or a robotic fetcher, and it puts old materials to practical use. With a few simple household materials, you can create games for your dog that engage their minds and allow them to play for a long time while you sit back and enjoy the work you've done. The main thing you will need: boxes! We used Ento Bento treats to entice Brecken during these activities....

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Christmas Gifts

Last-minute Christmas gifts

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Has Santa been.. um... slacking on the Christmas gift purchases? Fear not, for the next time you stop by Fitdog you can pick up one of these awesome toys and stash them under the tree before the big day!   Elf Woolie Instead of finding your elf on a shelf, you will find these elves burrowed in your bed, between the couch, or wherever else your pup likes to stash their treasure. These toys from Jax & Bones are made with boiled wool and colored with vegetable dye. Perfect for the little squeaker in your life, and not recommended for hearty chewers....

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LA Animal Nonprofits

Our favorite LA-based animal nonprofits

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Looking to give back to the animals this holiday season? There are several ways you can do so no matter your availability, budget, or location. We've gathered a list of our favorite animal nonprofit organizations looking for a helping hand this holiday season. Wags & Walks Hosting fundraisers through your school, business, or private foundation is a fun way to give back-- and a great excuse to have a party! Not only will you be raising awareness within your community about this great organization, but your charitable donations will go toward operational support for the Wags & Walks team. For as little as...

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The five most common mistakes new pet owners make

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When you decide to bring a dog into your family, there are so many things to consider that it's no wonder that owners often skip a few important steps during the adoption process. Fitdog teamed up with Dr. Sabrina from Vetted Pet Care to highlight the five most common mistakes that we see at daycare and by veterinarians. Not asking for copies of the medical and vaccination records. You wouldn't drive a new car off the lot without getting the title first. The same thing goes for getting a new dog. Make sure you ask your shelter, breeder, or rescue group for...

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8 days of dog Hanukkah presents

8 days of Hanukkah gifts for your dog

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If there's a special dog in your life expecting a visit from Hanukkah Harry this year, then you've come to the right place. Below is a list of 8 adorable Hanukkah gifts made especially for pups. These yarmulkes from Handmade Monster are perfect for holiday gatherings. The yarmulke attaches with a string at the bottom of the chin and includes curls so dogs can have their very own peyot. 2. Hop on the famjam trend and match your dog's cool new Hanukkah jammies! These warm fleece pajamas will make for the coziest winter nights. Up your cuddle game ten-fold with this sweet gift....

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Photo by: Andrew Pons via

The ultimate pet travel checklist

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Traveling solo might be a breeze for the avid vacationer but adding a dog into the mix can be problematic if you're not prepared. Since traveling around the holidays can be more stressful (but it's the most wonderful time of the year, right?) we put together a list of the essential items, so you and your dog can have smooth and abundant travels! Reservations One of the most frequent mistakes we see is when owners wait until the last minute to book their dog's holiday staycation. While some travel websites recommend booking your hotel a month before departure, the holidays...

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Fitdog Five Cyber Monday

Fitdog Five: The best Cyber Monday deals of 2017

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We've searched the web for the best Cyber Monday deals for dogs and dog owners alike. From food sales to adorable handmade gifts, we found a range of deals that will help you stock up on winter essentials! 1. If your pup is looking to upgrade their collar game, Fidos Fashion Collars have discounted nearly their entire shop full of collars and bowties. These laser-engraved collars are custom made for the most dapper dogs, making them the perfect gift for holiday photos and gatherings. 2. The quite adorable Handmade Monster is offering free shipping on Cyber Monday. Based in Long Beach, this shop has the sweetest...

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