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Ways to keep your home smelling lovely

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Spring breezes, garden-fresh floral arrangements, and fresh cut grass – the aromas that Spring is in the air! But, these scents aren’t always how you describe a home with a dog. We all know our cute little pup can bring some funny odors into our homes. It’s important to stay away from spraying a layer of perfume all over and instead to treat the problem at the source. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep your home smelling lovely! Clean up any messes promptly When you realize your pup has had an accident, be sure to...

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Top dog videos of 2016

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some seriously awesome dog videos! You know you can’t resist… Here are just a few of our fun-loving Fitdogs playing it up for our cameras over the last year! We love when pups show off their skills! Riley is practicing his jumps. [video width="720" height="540" m4v=""][/video] Out on the trail, Honey practices recall. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] A busy mind is a happy mind and Puzzle Playtime is a perfect addition to a day at Fitdog. Max loves the treat puzzle from West Paw Design. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Every day is a...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Nail Maintenance

Nail maintenance

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We know trimming your dog’s nails isn’t your favorite thing to do, and your pup is not a fan either. But most people don’t realize that your dog’s unkept nails can cause him health issues and discomfort. Here are just some of the ways that longer nails can make your pooch say ouch: Dogs are not able to fully put their weight on their paw pads when their nails are too long causing muscle strain and discomfort. Infrequent nail clippings can cause the quick (soft cuticle in the center of their nail) to grow long making it more difficult to...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Tips For Your Next Grooming Appointment

Tips for your next grooming appointment

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Grooming your dog is an essential part of taking care of them. To help make your pup’s next experience less stressful, here are some tips for your dog’s next appointment. Groom your dog at home. By brushing them or clipping their nails on a regular basis, you are acquainting them with the process in a safe, familiar environment – which will make it a lot easier when a stranger starts doing it at the salon. Give your dog a full body massage starting at the head, making sure you touch everywhere a groomer would touch. Properly describe your dog. Let...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Why & how you should de-shed your dog

The why and how of de-shedding your dog

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Do you need to know how to keep your dog’s skin and hair healthy and reduce shedding? Unwanted hair in the home can be one of the biggest troubles for dog-owners, and virtually all dogs shed in the hotter seasons to get rid of the extra hair from their winter coat. Our pups can’t stop their shedding, but we can help reduce the amount and de-shed them so they can keep cool and our homes can stay hair-free. While it’s possible to de-shed your dog at home, a professional groomer will do the best job. They can save you hours...

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Dog paw nail trim

Overcoming the fear of nail trims

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Many dogs at Fitdog experience a fear of having their nails trimmed. When dogs are afraid or in pain, they will thrash around, attempt to bolt away or even attempt to bite the person trying to trim their nails. This behavior is dangerous for humans and also creates a stressful environment for the dog. The ASPCA's article, Fear of Nail Trimming, addresses counter conditioning and desensitization methods to help dogs become more comfortable with this common and necessary grooming practice. Here are some helpful tips recommended by the ASPCA. - Teach your dog to like the clippers by using positive...

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Chat dog dental health with K9 Grillz

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Dental disease is a massive problem in our pets. Studies show 70-80% of our pets suffer from dental disease, which can lead to stinky breath and rotting teeth. It can even affect major organs such as the heart and kidneys. Just dragging the toothbrush over your pup’s teeth every so often won’t keep those whites clean or prevent gum inflammation. Besides, it’s no easy task getting your dog to cooperate while you reach those back molars, right? So what’s a pet owner to do? We invited the veterinarian owner and founder of K9 Grillz to chat with Fitdog Sports Club...

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fleas

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As soon as the weather gets warmer, fleas begin to hatch and can turn into a pesky problem for you and your pet. Here are some interesting facts about fleas and why in the summer, vacuuming every day might be your best defense. 1. Adult fleas only make up 5% of the flea population; the rest is pupae (15%), larvae (30%) and eggs (50%). 2. 5% still presents a significant health issue for your pet. Fleas can ingest 13.6mg of blood daily, which can cause anemia. 3. Another major health concern: immature fleas can transmit tapeworms Yuck! 4. And some...

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