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The five most common mistakes new pet owners make

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When you decide to bring a dog into your family, there are so many things to consider that it's no wonder that owners often skip a few important steps during the adoption process. Fitdog teamed up with Dr. Sabrina from Vetted Pet Care to highlight the five most common mistakes that we see at daycare and by veterinarians. Not asking for copies of the medical and vaccination records. You wouldn't drive a new car off the lot without getting the title first. The same thing goes for getting a new dog. Make sure you ask your shelter, breeder, or rescue group for...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Vetted PetCare Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs

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Did you know that dogs express stress in various ways? From panting or shaking to aggression and excessive barking, these are all different ways your pup may display their anxiety. This week we are so excited to have our partner, Vetted PetCare, share some pawesome tips on how to prevent your dog from developing separation anxiety! Here are 5 Tips and Tricks to prevent separation anxiety. Avoid an over enthusiastic greeting when entering your home. Greeting your dog with an excited and high pitched tone only encourages a hyperactive state. Take your pup for a walk before you go. A...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Featured Partner: Vetted PetCare

How to choose the right veterinarian for you and your dog

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This week we are so excited to have our partner, Vetted PetCare, stop by to provide you with some awesome advice on choosing a veterinarian for new and existing pet parents. From Vetted: It is important to do your research in order to select the best doctor for your needs. However, for new pet parents, it can be difficult and a little overwhelming to find the information you need to make an informed choice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, research, to determine a good fit for you. When choosing a doctor, avoid making these 5 mistakes:  1) Cost: Expensive...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Health Watch Brought To You By DogCatDoc@YourDoor: Heatstroke

Health Watch: Heatstroke

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Cool cats, no hot dogs! by Dr. Hervatic of Baby, it’s HOT outside! Summer is officially in full swing. While most of us love a little sun and outdoor fun, remember your pets can become overheated easily, and that may be very dangerous. Pets can develop HEATSTROKE in a matter of minutes if not attended to. Heatstroke is an inability to adequately dissipate heat. It is a life-threatening condition and requires immediate attention. The normal body temperature of a dog or cat is about 101° F…any temperature above 105° F is a true emergency. Heatstroke occurs most commonly during the summer months,...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Health Watch Brought To You By DogCatDoc@YourDoor: Heatstroke

Wound care for pets

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At one point or another, you will inevitably have a dog that needs first aid. Playtime may get at little rough or your pup may find out the hard way about thorns in rose bushes. Immediate and proper attention at home will help speed healing and minimize pain. Dr. Hervatic has a few basic guidelines to care for your pet’s wounds at home. Be careful If your pet is in pain, he or she may act out and bite you. Soothe them with a calm voice, and approach slowly. If your dog is growling, it is best to bring him...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Health Watch Brought To You By dogcatdoc@yourdoor: Raw Food Diets

Health Trends: Raw food diets

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By: Dr. Hervatic The raw food diet is a health craze sweeping the pet community. Dog owners everywhere have decided that this is the healthiest diet for their dogs because they believe it will make their dogs live longer and even kill diseases due to the enzymes and vitamins present in the raw food. However, they aren’t getting all of the facts! There is no evidence to prove that a raw food diet actually does this. There is, however, evidence to prove that it may, in fact, be dangerous. A raw dog food can be very dangerous to not only...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Health Watch Brought To You By dogcatdoc@yourdoor: Raw Food Diets

Vaccine clinic brought to you by dogcatdoc@yourdoor

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Here at Fitdog we are constantly trying to find ways to keep your dogs happy and healthy so they can come play with us each day! In order to protect your dog and the other dogs in our facility our new partner vet, Dr. Cynthia Hervatic is joining us on May 3 to offer our first Fitdog Care Clinic, a vaccine clinic to immunize your dog from several viruses. We will be offering two packages: Health Exam + DAPP, Rabies or Bordetella OR Health Exam + Bordetella + DAPP or Rabies. Recombitek Vaccine Canine C4 (Merial), or as it is...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Spring and Summer Fitdog Events

Spring and summer Fitdog events

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The spring and summer months are very exciting for all of us here at Fitdog! We will be implementing several new programs to keep your dogs happy and healthy. April With beach days starting again soon, we are launching our “Come When Called” program on April 4. The program is a recall class targeted for want-to-be beach bum dogs that need help staying active. You can purchase a package of four 1-hour classes designed to train your dogs to get ready for the beach! Join Wags & Walks at their Muttin' But Love Gala event on April 15 at the SLS...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Health Watch: Fleas and Ticks

Health Watch: fleas and ticks

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Unfortunately, our pups can get fleas and ticks all too easily – especially when your dog is living an active lifestyle! These pesky little bugs can make your pet itchy, transmit diseases, and truly disrupt you and your pups’ lifestyles. Stay on top of the facts and makes sure to protect yourself and your pup from fleas and ticks. Fleas: Flea bites result in saliva being injected into the skin. This causes itching, hair loss, and skin damage Bacteria can enter the body through this bite, causing an infection Most prevalent in the spring and summer but pose a risk...

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