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diy dog rope toy

Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

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The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider taking your old ratty t-shirts and turning them into a toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking your wallet. And it turns out that cutting up old shirts is really, really gratifying.   Here's what you'll need:   Yep, that's it. 2-3 old t-shirts you're ready to part with and a pair of scissors. Fabric scissors work best, but your dog is not going to care how cleanly you cut the shirts up. Step 1:...

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DIY Boxes

Doggie DIY: Turn old boxes into dog games

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Hey wait! Before you throw that empty Amazon box into the recycle bin, imagine your dog being occupied for hours, worn out and happy after a long afternoon of playing. This doesn't require pricy toys or a robotic fetcher, and it puts old materials to practical use. With a few simple household materials, you can create games for your dog that engage their minds and allow them to play for a long time while you sit back and enjoy the work you've done. The main thing you will need: boxes! We used Ento Bento treats to entice Brecken during these activities....

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ 7th Annual Fitdog Howl-o-ween

7th Annual Fitdog Howl-o-ween

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It’s that time of year again, Howl-o-ween! From Katy Perry to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elsa to our favorite drinks, we LOVE seeing how creative you get with your pups’ costumes each year! Join us all of October by sharing your doggy Halloween costumes in our online photo contest! Starting Sunday, October 1, you can enter through the tab on our Facebook page, by using our Woobox contest page, or sharing a picture directly on your Facebook or Instagram account using @fitdogsportsclub and #fitdoghowloween17 in your caption. Don’t forget to tag us, too! The winner will receive a $100+ doggie goodie...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Protect Your Canines From Ticks

Protect your canines from ticks

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We’ve seen more and more activity from ticks this year. Ticks are dangerous because complications associated with their bites are blood loss, anemia, paralysis, skin irritation or infection, and even more severe issues like Lyme disease. First and foremost, check your dog for ticks every day. Brush your fingers through their fur, applying enough pressure to feel any small bumps. Don’t forget to also check between your dog's toes, behind ears, under armpits and around the tail and head. If your dog, unfortunately, gets a tick, don’t fret. We have some of the easiest ways to get rid of ticks...

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Fitdog Sports Club _ Dog Blog _ Keeping Your Pup Out Of The Garden

Keeping your pup out of the garden

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April showers bring May flowers. Flowers that you want to make sure aren’t destroyed by Fido! Whether you’re planting organic berries and herbs or fragrant florals, one thing you don’t want is your pup “helping.” To keep your garden safe, here are few ways to ensure your dog stays out. Create their own play area. Give your canine his own special place. Dig a hole and fill it with sand. By creating a sandbox and adding some toys, your pup won’t be interested in your garden because they will have their own place of entertainment! Spice things up. Around your...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Lovely

Ways to keep your home smelling lovely

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Spring breezes, garden-fresh floral arrangements, and fresh cut grass – the aromas that Spring is in the air! But, these scents aren’t always how you describe a home with a dog. We all know our cute little pup can bring some funny odors into our homes. It’s important to stay away from spraying a layer of perfume all over and instead to treat the problem at the source. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep your home smelling lovely! Clean up any messes promptly When you realize your pup has had an accident, be sure to...

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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_5 Kitchen Staples To Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy In The New Year

5 kitchen staples to keep your dog happy and healthy in the new year

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Keep your dog happy and healthy this new year! We’ve shared what types of fruits and vegetables your pup should avoid, but did you know that there are household items that will help keep your pup healthy? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite kitchen staples that you can use to start your dog off on the right paw. Carrots Carrots make tasty treats plus they are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Give them to your pup steamed, raw or freeze them to make a chew treat. Chicken & Rice Boiled chicken and rice is a quick and...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Frozen Treats Blog

Summer dog treats you can make at home

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Summer is the perfect time to whip up some homemade treats for your pup. A frozen treat is a great way for your dog to get extra healthy fruits and vegetables into their diet. Here are some healthy frozen treats to keep your pup cool all summer long. Frozen Kong Treats These treats are simple, fun and can keep your pup entertained for quite some time! You can use sweet potato and peanut butter, or you can combine any of the following dog-friendly foods for some variety: mashed banana, yogurt, and mashed carrots. Get creative! Combine ½ a roasted sweet...

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How to create a doggy friendly Easter basket

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Easter is right around the corner, and there’s no reason why your pup can’t get into the fun. While the kids open their Easter baskets, give fido a dog-approved one of his one with just a few adjustments. Step 1: Pick a container. You can use just about any basket, bucket, or bowl that you might have handy. We like the personalized bucket from Harry Barker for a holiday splurge, and of course, had to put Brecken’s name on it! While you shouldn’t offer your dog a piece of that chocolate bunny (chocolate is toxic to dogs), you can make...

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DIY dog Valentine “chocolate” treats

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We all know dogs can't eat chocolate. But you can make your own "chocolate" treats by substituting carob, a doggy safe chocolate alternative. I found two carob recipes online, a Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark and a Peanut Butter & “Chocolate” Truffle, that make perfect treats for any Valentine’s. Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark From All Things Dog Blog Ingredients 4 cups carob chips 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (dry roasted peanuts are good too) 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon Preparation I decided to make the Mock Chocolate Carob-Walnut Bark first. It's a super easy recipe and has inspired me...

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