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Risky business for pet parents

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We all know there are certain things we do that may not be the best for our pets (that occasional bite of table scraps). But did you know those little bad habits can mean serious health risks for your dog?  Here are a few risky behaviors to identify and stop for the health of our furry best friends. Not properly socializing new pets Veterinarians and dog trainers are at odds when it comes to the right age to socialize puppies. Most veterinarians want owners to wait until dogs are fully vaccinated and have a stronger immune system. While trainers recommend...

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Smooches 4 Pooches 2017

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We loved seeing everyone who attended this year’s Smooches 4 Pooches event! Thank you to our partners including Vetted PetCare, Weruva Super Luxe Pet Food, Metro Paws, Himalayan Chews, VCA Broadway and Santa Monica, The Lobos Truck, and Starbucks, who helped us have a fantastic Smooches 4 Pooches event! We are pleased to share that $500 was raised for Wags & Walks and FIVE dogs were adopted! Congratulations to all of the new Valentine’s!   There’s still time to find your forever love! Visit Wags & Walks’ website for adoptable dogs.

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Smooches 4 Pooches

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Love is in the air! Find your perfect match this Valentine’s Day with Fitdog Sports Club and Wags & Walks at our 2nd Annual Smooches 4 Pooches event! Join us on Saturday, February 11, 11 am – 3 pm to meet some of Wags & Walks’ adoptable pups! All funds raised will go towards the local rescue organization and their efforts to help dogs in Los Angeles. Get sloppy puppy kisses from Wags & Walks dogs in our smooches 4 pooches kissing booth and partake in our amazing raffles! Himalayan Chews, Vetted PetCare, WeRuVa, Metro Paws, and VCA Broadway and...

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Cutest gift, biggest commitment

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We get it!! The kids have been beggingggggggggg for a puppy for months upon months! Your girlfriend follows every adorable dog account on Instagram and is giving you “puppy eyes” as hints of what she wants under the tree. But, is getting (or giving) a dog at the holidays right for you!?  While it will make for one memorable gift-giving moment, it is all the other moments after we want you to consider! Did you know… The Helping Hands Humane Society sees about a 5 percent bump in admissions after the holidays from families who were overwhelmed. Three pets were...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Essential First Commands

Essential first commands

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It is important to start training your dog as soon as you bring them home. However, many new dog owners don’t know where to start. In our opinion, the essential first commands to teach your dog should are “yes”, “no”, “sit”, and his or her name. These provide a solid foundation for other training commands that are to come later on. When teaching commands, signals are everything. Signals can be anything from a sound or word, a hand gesture, a body posture or even a facial expression. For example, you can introduce the signal of your hand in a fist...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Bringing Your New Dog Home

Bringing your new dog home

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The first few days after bringing your new dog home are extremely exciting yet critical for your new pet. In these first few days, you will be establishing what the rest of your time together is like. Your dog needs structure in order to have a smooth transition. We suggest that as soon as you get your pup home, conduct your regular schedule of feeding, toileting and exercise or playtime. A regular schedule right away will make it easier for the whole family to adjust to life with a new dog in the home. Make sure children are not overwhelming...

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Tips for adopting dogs this holiday season

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[caption id="attachment_3738" align="alignleft" width="300"] ADOPT ME: Willie is a sweet Dutch Shepherd mix. He needs a home with a back yard and active owner.[/caption] Thinking about adopting or giving a pet as a gift this holiday season?Fitdog Sports Club's Co-founder, Andrea Servadio, and Principal Dog Trainer, Jeff Soto, stopped by KCAL9 Monday to give tips for adopting and gifting a pet. Watch video or read full story. Interested in adopting Willie? Call us at (310) 828 - 3647 or Email us.

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