Big dogs – a growing trend

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“Go big or go home” is what dog owners are saying today. The trend of owning larger dogs continues to grow.

Some BIG facts:

  • Dog ownership has grown 29% in the past decade
  • About 37% of households own a larger breed of dog
  • According to U.S. News, the three most popular dog breeds in America are big dogs – Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers
  • The entertainment we enjoy also affects the pups we want to join our families with dog owners wanting wolf-like pups based on shows like Game of Thrones

Like working dogs, big dogs need lots and lots of exercise. If you’re active, you have the easy solution of taking your big dog wherever you go. Big dogs are capable of the same exercise as their owners whether you’re training for a marathon, heading out for a 6-mile hike, or swimming in the ocean!

Not an active owner? No worries. Fitdog is here to help keep your big dog healthy! Be sure to check the Fitdog calendar for sports outings and classes.

Not sure if you have the means, space or energy for a big dog? Look no further than these smaller alternatives of a few favorite large breed dogs!

  • Want a Husky (45lbs- 60lbs)? Look into an Alaskan Klee Kai (16lbs – 22lbs). Klee Kais is a miniature Alaskan Husky.
  • Want an English Bulldog (45lbs – 60lbs)? Look into a Pug (14lbs – 20lbs)?! Both snore, snort, and pugs have a bit more spunk!
  • Want a German Shepherd (66lbs – 88lbs)? Look into Shepherd mixes (30lbs – 45lbs). Mutts have fewer ailments and are great companions.
  • Want a Great Pyrenees (80lbs – 110lbs)? Look into an American Eskimo (18lbs – 35lbs). Trade in a large cuddly working breed for a small cuddly lap dog!
  • Want a Boxer (55lbs – 70lbs)? Look into a French Bulldog (16lbs – 28lbs). Both breeds are active and have smooth coats. French Bulldogs have a similar look and are still high energy, just much smaller!
  • Want a Pointer (45lbs – 70lbs)? Look into a Beagle (22lbs – 35lbs). Both are hunting dogs, but Beagles have learned to lounge and have amazing disposition!

Do you own a big dog or want more information on the larger breeds? Comment below!

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