Ways to keep your home smelling lovely

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Spring breezes, garden-fresh floral arrangements, and fresh cut grass – the aromas that Spring is in the air! But, these scents aren’t always how you describe a home with a dog.

We all know our cute little pup can bring some funny odors into our homes. It’s important to stay away from spraying a layer of perfume all over and instead to treat the problem at the source. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep your home smelling lovely!

Clean up any messes promptly
When you realize your pup has had an accident, be sure to clean it with a specialized cleaner. Not all cleaners are created equal, either! Enzyme cleaners, particularly Nature’s Miracle Oxy Pet Stain & Odor Remover, help destroy the enzymes in dog accidents, rather than just cleaning the surface and masking the odors.

Give your pup a wipe down
We all know wet dogs have a certain smell. Be sure to dry them as soon as you can to help eliminate the musk that may occur on their wet dander. A great tip is to use a Sham-Wow when drying them outdoors! It helps remove any excess moisture from their coat and limits what may be rubbed into your carpets or furniture.

A bath may seem like the best way to eliminate outdoor odors, however, bathing our canine can’t happen every day. In reality, dog baths should be limited to no more than once a week. Use specialized dog wipes that are PH balanced for dogs to clean off the parts of your pup that you come in contact with most – their faces and paws.

Brush them out
The next best thing is a brush! Brushing your pup every day makes a huge impact on the scents they leave around. After brushing, handheld vacuums, like Dust Busters, are great around the house to get rid of fur around the house.

Use an air purifier
Air purifiers are devices that will remove any contaminants from air in a room. This is an easy way to keep your house fresh and clean. They will eliminate any odors and help with allergies, too!

Give them a spritz
If you want to still spray your pup, there are safe options. Mauro Pet Care has several Body Mists to help refresh and rehydrate your dog’s coat between baths. If it’s their bedding or toys that have an odor, throw them in the wash regularly. You can even spray them occasionally with Mauro’s My Space: An Aromatherapy Pet Bed Spray.

These tips will help keep those spring scents in and those dog scents out! What is your favorite trick to use at home?