On & off the trail – safety first

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We are honored that you trust us with your precious pooch. At Fitdog, we make sure your pups are not only having fun but that they are also practicing important skills to ensure the utmost safety while participating in activities.

Here are the steps we take to ensure your dog is safe on the trail.

  • All new dogs are required to attend our Come When Called training class to determine eligibility for off-leash activities – including our Canyon Hikes. This insures that your dog will respond to his or her name 100% of the time. This comes in handy when Sports Leaders need to call your dog back to avoid trail hazards like oncoming bikers, overcrowded packs of dogs, or unfriendly animals.
  • Basic obedience is reinforced on each hike. Basic skills such as sit-stay, off, leave it and heel are used on every outing. If you’re unsure if your pup is ready, we offer Fitdog Sports Ready, a 2-hour training session for sports dogs that need some additional training on the trail.
  • Not all dogs are at the same level of fitness. Our Canyon Hikes are 4- to 6-miles on trails and are geared towards active dogs. Our Low Impact Hikes are 45-minute hikes designed for dogs who need a slower pace and more breaks, such as elderly dogs, dogs with sports injuries, puppies, or just newbies that haven’t exercised before.

We can’t wait to see your Fitdog at our Canyon Hikes or Low Impact Hikes!