8 days of Hanukkah gifts for your dog

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8 days of dog Hanukkah presents

If there’s a special dog in your life expecting a visit from Hanukkah Harry this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of 8 adorable Hanukkah gifts made especially for pups.

Yarmulkes from Handmade Monster

  1. These yarmulkes from Handmade Monster are perfect for holiday gatherings. The yarmulke attaches with a string at the bottom of the chin and includes curls so dogs can have their very own peyot.

Hanukkah Dog Pajamas2. Hop on the famjam trend and match your dog’s cool new Hanukkah jammies! These warm fleece pajamas will make for the coziest winter nights. Up your cuddle game ten-fold with this sweet gift.

Dog Hanukkah treats

3. We wouldn’t want anyone to be left out of the shameless sweets binging during the holidays. These drool-worthy Hanukkah treats are made of yogurt, carob, and peanut butter.

Star of David bows4.These Star of David clip-in bows are a classy addition to any dressy occasion, family gathering, or photo shoot.

Dog Hanukkah Ornaments

5. These handmade chenille ornaments come in sets of two featuring several of your favorite dog breeds:  whippets, foxhounds, Staffordshire terriers, and more!  Perfect for families that celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, or for simply adding some puppy pizzazz to your Hanukkah decorations.

Plush dog dreidle

6. This plush dreidle from Barkbox will have your dog spinning with joy!

Hanukkah dog scarf

7. This super soft Hannukah scarf is sure to keep your dog looking festive and staying warm at the same time.

dog menorah8. Why have one dog when you can have nine? Light the night with this doggie menorah!