What are your hours of operation?

7am – 9pm Everyday

Why don't you have fake grass?

We’ve considered installing fake grass a number of times since we’ve opened.  There are a few reasons we have elected not to have fake grass.

  • It smells. If you live in Santa Monica near a patch of fake grass that is used by neighborhood dogs, you know just how much it smells.
  • It’s difficult to sanitize. There is a greater risk of transmission of parasites and disease. Our veterinarian partner told us in order to kill everything on each blade, we would need to bomb it.
  • It’s rough. When you fully cover a play area with fake grass (not just potty stations), it can be very rough on dogs’ paws causing them to crack and bleed. It also reduces activity levels because dogs are less likely to run on a surface that is rough

Does an indoor dog park reverse potty training?

Dogs are able to differentiate between a dog park, your house, your friend’s house, a back yard, etc. However, if you have a puppy that is not fully house-trained, you will need to continue to reinforce your training at home.

How long are your walks and where do you take the dogs?

Group walks include 3 to 5 dogs  and are 10 to 15 minutes long.  We walk the dogs around the block avoiding the school and children.

When are meals served?

We offer three meal times (7am, 11am and 4pm). Owners may bring their own food or can buy food for purchase.

  • Daycare dogs are fed by request only. Puppies (< 1 year old) are provided a mid day nap.
  • Overnight boarders are fed by request and per owner instructions. However, all overnight guests are provided with three naps regardless of feeding schedule to ensure proper rest and to maintain proper health.

Can I drop off and pick up after hours?

We have staff on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However to ensure the safety of our staff, dogs, and customers, the last pick-up of the day is 9pm.  Any dogs remaining at facility after 9pm will be boarded overnight and charged the overnight rate.  First pick-up of the day is 7am.

What time is boarding checkout?

Checkout time is 12pm.  Dogs picked up after 12pm are subject to a $30 daycare charge.

Why do all overnight boarders receive three naps?

Dogs require 14+ hours of sleep per day. To put that in perspective, if they sleep 8 hours at night, they need an additional 6 hours of sleep during the day in order to be healthy. Our schedule is designed to maintain a healthy, relaxing and stress-free environment for the dogs.

In addition, if we notice that a dog is still sleeping at the end of a nap, we will let them continue to rest.

Do you have water available for the dogs?

The quick answer is yes, of course. We have 3 to 6 buckets of water on each play area and refresh them frequently throughout the day.

However, if you are asking this question because your dog seems thirsty when he gets home, it’s probably because your dog won’t consume group water.  If you notice this happening, let us know so we can bring him to a quiet area to get hydrated.

Can you give my dog medications?

Absolutely.  We have a triple check system for medications and our staff is trained in administering pills, powders and even injections if required.

What does it mean when you reach capacity?

One of the main differences between Fitdog and other dog care facilities, is that we have a set limit of the number of dogs we will accept. This limit was set by us to ensure that dogs are never overcrowded and feel safe and comfortable.

That means even over the holidays, dogs will still be comfortable and not packed in with hundreds of dogs. It also means that unfortunately, we have to require reservations and sometimes turn members away when we are full.

What is your dog to handler ratio?

We have a 20 to 1 dog to handler ratio at our facility.

My veterinarian recommends that I get my dog neutered after 6 months, can he still come to daycare?

Your veterinarian gave you this recommendation in terms of your dog’s health and development.  However, in terms of an open play environment, we notice that dogs that are intact after 6 months old elicit a lot of negative reactions from the pack (which is dangerous).

For your dog’s safety, we require all dogs to be spayed or neutered by 6 months.  No exceptions. We suggest using an at-home walker until your dog is ready to participate in open play activities.

Can my dog get a waiver for your vaccination requirement?

We require proof of vaccination or titer for rabies, DHPP (distemper/parvo) and bordetella.  These vaccinations are necessary in order to meet the standards set by the State of California as well as prevent the spread of disease.

In order to maintain a safe environment for our dogs, we do not allow exemptions from our vaccination policy. We suggest getting an at-home walker for dogs that are not ready for participate in our open play activities.

How often do you clean the facility?

Constantly. The play areas are cleaned throughout the day, disinfected every night and scrubbed with an industrial scrubber every month. The overnight areas are cleaned before and after each use. Bedding is washed daily.