Here’s what happens at a doggie surf competition

Posted by | September 26, 2017 | Activities, Beach Excursions, Events | 2 Comments


  • Susanna Gan says:

    I have 2 dogs who surf. This is Giselle’s third season and Alexis, 2nd season. Giselle is natural at surfing but not Athena. Athena was a little confused last year but she loves all sports. She also competes in dock diving and frisbee. This year, she got the hang of surfing. I could not get her off the board. The key is let your dog choose the sports. Both of them loves surfing. Athena is third in the large dog division at Imperial Beach 2017. Giselle was 2016 winner of the Double Dog Dare Series. Alexis does not surf. But she loves competing in dock diving and frisbee. We all love hiking, camping, backpacking, SUP and kayaking. We just enjoy spending time together.