A day at Fitdog daycare

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Do you wonder what your pup does when they’re home alone? It could be anything from sleeping all day to gnawing on your favorite shoes. To avoid any worries, they can always spend the day with us!

Here’s what a day at Fitdog daycare looks like for your furry best friend!

Rise & shine! Breakfast is served!
Our guests who stayed the night are attended to and served breakfast to fuel up for another fun day!

Morning walks
We welcome our Fitdog friends with a morning stroll and potty break to start their day off right.

Time for their favorite activity – playtime with their best friends! Dogs enjoy our spacious 3,000 square foot dog park playing with other Fitdogs. Toys and games are provided so that play is initiated and encouraged.

Naps & Snack time
Did you know, dogs are supposed to sleep an average of 12–14 hours per day!? We make sure they take a break to catch some ZZZ’s and have a snack before continuing their day of fun.

Afternoon walks
Our dog handlers take pups in groups and individually on strolls to break up their day. Group walks help establish pack etiquette and provide a change of scenery. 

More play time!
After a much-needed nap, snack, and potty break, dogs continue with organized play with their

Dinner is served
Fitdog guests are served an Owners can bring their own meals or meals can be provided for guests, taking into account for any dietary needs for each and every pup.

Evening walks & play
There’s never enough walks or playtime for our Fitdog pals! Dogs play with their furry friends until it’s time for their owners to pick them up.

Lights out
We have 12 unique sizes and configurations of our overnight areas to suit your dog best. Pups get settled into their overnight suites featuring cooling beds and cozy cots and find comfort in personal items like T-shirts, stuffed toys, bones and more while resting overnight. Bedtime snacks are also served for guests staying the night.

Our stress-free and fun days are perfect for your playful pup! Let them depend on us for everything that they need as we become an extension of your pup’s family while they’re with us. Worried about separation anxiety (for you)?! We also have webcams available for our large and small play areas and are happy to send videos & pictures during your pup’s stay.

Be sure to contact us today to schedule your dog’s initial interview.