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Fitdog Sports Club_Dog Blog_Featured in Elle Décor’s 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in the USA

Featured in Elle Décor’s 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in the USA

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We are thrilled to be featured in Elle Décor’s list of the 10 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels in all of the USA! As Elle Décor highlights, our focus on outdoor California lifestyle gives dogs a unique and fun experience. From sunny beaches to canyon hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains to fun daycare playtime with friends, your dog will experience a full day of activity before resting easy in one of our suites. Then your dog can advantage of our in-house amenities like cooling pet beds, puzzle playtime, treadmill workouts and mini-bar service. Whether you’re from LA and traveling afar...

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Top dog videos of 2016

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some seriously awesome dog videos! You know you can’t resist… Here are just a few of our fun-loving Fitdogs playing it up for our cameras over the last year! We love when pups show off their skills! Riley is practicing his jumps. [video width="720" height="540" m4v=""][/video] Out on the trail, Honey practices recall. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] A busy mind is a happy mind and Puzzle Playtime is a perfect addition to a day at Fitdog. Max loves the treat puzzle from West Paw Design. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Every day is a...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog _ Featured in Huffington Post

Featured in Huffington Post

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We’re so excited to announce that our co-owner, Andrea was featured on Huffington Post in their HuffPost Parents section! In her article, she discusses how to introduce your dog to your baby and the importance of showing your dog the same amount of affection as you did before the new addition. A dog has the emotional capabilities of a 2 and a half-year-old and “ your dog will get jealous, feel isolated and be insecure about the baby in the same way an older human sibling would,” she says. It's important to set aside alone time with your dog to...

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Fitdog Sports Club Blog_Howl-o-ween 2015

Fitdog Howl-o-ween 2015 winners!

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We are thrilled at the success of our 5th Annual Howl-o-ween Photo Shoot and Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone who came to our shoot for a fun day of pictures. We loved seeing all of the comments and shares on the Facebook album for the contest! It would be way to hard for us to pick the best costume, so we are so glad it was up to our audience! Congratulations to our top five dogs who were entered to be selected as our grand winner. HUGE congratulations to Edie dressed as Eeyore, your 2015 Howl-o-ween Facebook winner!!!  ...

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Why daycare should not be your dog’s primary source of exercise

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By Andrea Servadio, Co-Owner Fitdog Sports Club One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is not giving their furry friend enough exercise, which can lead to boredom and potentially neurotic and destructive behaviors. In fact, many owners mistakenly rely on doggy daycare as the primary source of their dog's daily exercise. And it's totally understandable; daycare is an easy and convenient solution for busy doggy parents. Unfortunately, while daycare provides benefits like social stimulation and opportunities for play, it is not an effective platform for keeping Fido fit, especially for active breeds and puppies. A doggy daycare's goal...

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iStock_000014173721Medium Training

Dog Training 101

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Whether you are bringing home a new dog or training your existing dog, we put together our top obedience tips every dog should know: 1. Make your training sessions short and sweet Dogs tend to have a low level of concentration so keep training sessions short. Twenty minutes is a good time frame to introduce a trick or command and then follow it up with either a 20-minute session later that day or the following day. If your dog is starting to lose focus (even if it's only been 5 or 10 minutes), wrap it up and start again tomorrow....

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Halloween ver2

Your guide for a fun & safe dog-friendly Halloween

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Safety First Did you know that most dogs hate people wearing hats? Experts claim that it has something to do with the changing silhouette. The simple act of wearing a hat can cause the calmest of dogs to bark, growl and attack people. Now consider the effect that a full-blown costume, like a large stuffed animal, fairy wings or an oversized wig, has on a dog. It’s terrifying. It’s important for all us at Halloween to recognize that it’s a frightening night for dogs. Not only are people dressed up, but if you live in kid friendly place, you probably...

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jax and bone two dogs

How to find the best dog bed for your pup

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There are a number of things to consider when choosing a bed for your dog. With so many great options available, how do you know which one to choose? First, pay attention to how your dog relaxes and what position they typically sleep in. Below are the four basic sleep positions: Curlers (Donut) Burrowers (Nesting) Leaners (Bolster) Sprawlers (Lounging/Pillow and Mat) You’ll also want to consider your dog’s age, size, breed and physical condition. Larger breeds, seniors and dogs that are experiencing joint pain will need more support. Orthopedic and warming beds can provide much needed support and comfort for...

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How to ensure your dog has a perfect stay

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Many owners are nervous about leaving their dogs when they go on vacation. We've put together some Do's and Don'ts to make sure your dog has the best staycation (so you don't have to worry!). DO's Do Bring a Toy or Two Bring 1 or 2 toys or "babies" to have with your dog when they are sleeping. Dogs like having their special items with them and will cuddle with them at night (they are so cute!). Do Bring Items from Home A few things from home will make the area more comfy for your dog. A blanket or t-shirt...

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Celebrating Valentine’s with your dog

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Spice it up this Valentine’s by swapping out your dog’s every day with something more amazing! Instead of: a Bath Try: a Doggy Massage Okay, seems over the top, right? Well you know how your dog goes nuts when you scratch his belly? Multiply that joy. Dogs melt on the massage table. The cost runs about the same price as a human massage. Instead of: Treats Try: Treat Toys (plus treats) Most dogs are bred to work and solve problems. Puzzle toys engage their minds to achieve yummy rewards. Some of our favorite treat toys include Planet Dog Mazee and...

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